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Me when I have absolutely no idea what the conversation is about.

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fear this man

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Dude the gamecube sucked

not what i came here for but im not about to leave


not what i came here for but im not about to leave

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*streetpasses the same person twice* what are we


The Harry Potter movies added many scenes that I disagree with.


This is not one of them.

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if you identify as cis but haven’t actually taken time to sit down and examine and analyze your gender identity, it’s probably time to do that otherwise you’ve just given in to society forcing a significant part of your identity upon you.

if someones comfortable with their gender identity to the point that its not even on their mind then theres no need for them to analyse it

as someone who basically identifies as cis i think it’s very much important to examine your gender identity. it might lead to small things: e.g. after i did that i stopped shaving because i realized that i wasn’t doing it for myself. further, i’ve stopped seeing my own face as a gendered thing and this makes it easier for me to be respectful of the identities of others, and easier to be happy with the meatsack i live in. i think that it’s very important for cis people to consider what aspects of gendered existence we hold sacred. peeing in a segregated space? if so, why? i mean this is exactly the kind of question trans communities have been trying to get us to deal with forever and i think that answering it on a cultural level will come with exactly the type of introspection that OP is asking for. 

some of the best advice i’ve got in college so far is “make strange what is comfortable” and hey, after you take it apart, you can put it right back together again if that’s what makes you happy but it’s still important to evaluate why you perform your gender the way you do and what rituals are essential to that? why are they essential? are they worth perpetuating? the answer might not always be yes EVEN for people comfortable with the label of their gender assigned at birth

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*pwns a nerd but kisses their cheek to ensure we’re a-ok l8r*


#some men just want to watch the world burn


#some men just want to watch the world burn

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@ kung fu / otw